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Trials Promizing

Pilot Studies

The design of this trial is based upon two pilot studies. The eligibility criteria, method of recruitment, staged enrolment process, randomization to two equivalent ventilation strategies, criteria to initiate and method of weaning were piloted by Bosma and coworkers in the single centre pilot RCT (n=54).

Reference: Bosma KJ, Read BA, Bahrgard Nikoo MJ, Jones PM, Priestap FA, Lewis JF. Crit Care Med. 2016 Jun;44(6):1098-108. doi: 10.1097/CCM.0000000000001600.

The ventilation algorithm to adjust PAV+ gain to maintain respiratory muscle workload within the normal range was piloted by Brochard and colleagues in a multi-centre study (n=52).

Reference: G. Carteaux, J. Mancebo, A. Mercat, J. Dellamonica, J. C. Richard, H. Aguirre-Bermeo, A. Kouatchet, G. Beduneau, A. W. Thille, and L. Brochard, "Bedside adjustment of proportional assist ventilation to target a predefined range of respiratory effort," Crit Care Med, vol. 41, no. 9, pp. 2125-2132, Sept.2013.

Several centres participating in The PROMIZING Study were involved in one of these two pilot studies. Both studies demonstrated safety, feasibility, and compliance with study protocol.

Here is an online calculator used to determine Pmus during the study protocol.